Need advice to OC my PC!!!! Experts needed!


May 2, 2008
Here are my specs. Nothing is OC'd except my CPU which has been stable with a stock cooler at 3gighz. Memory voltage to 1.9v but thats it. No other tweaking. My cpu and mobo under idle temp is usually 38C. What else should i do in the bios? ANy suggestions? heres a link to a few pics of my bios and they even used the 9950 BE processor.

OS:Vista Ult 64
MOBO: Asus m3a78-t 790gx
CPU: AMD Phenom 9950 BE
RAM: G.Skill 4 x 1gb (4gb total)
GPU: Sapphire 4870x2
PSU: PC Power and Cooling 750W SLI
HD: 250 GB WD
Case: Antec 900
Drives: CDR-DVD 52x
Seriously dude I'm just happy to get my 5000+ Brisbane core up to 3.1GHz on 1.4v. Going up further turns my PC into a space heater, but anyway.....

Anyway there is a reason that the 9950 comes with heatpipes on it's stock cooler, it needs them. Anyway I'm assuming you can't run stable with a 15.5 multiplier so you have it at a 15. You can try raising the FSB a little and see how high you can go before it becomes unstable. If you really want to get much higher then you are going to need a good liquid cooling setup to get a few more MHz. Even with Liquid Nitrogen Planet 3d only got like 3.8GHz


Jun 25, 2008
lol, i got my 5000+ BE at 3.4ghz =DD

i just messed with voltages such as
HT voltage= 1.375
NB voltage= 1.400
core voltage= 1.47
FSB @ 273mhz
multiplier @ 12.5

it just takes alot of tinkering around with but eventually you willl find the right setting that your CPU can handle. i recomend using the FSB as your primary OCing means and use the multiplier to slowly tune it.
good luck!