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Need advice with 2 tb hdd as back up drive and partitioning


Dec 1, 2011
I have a 1 tb hdd as a storage drive and a ssd for my os. I recently purchased a 2 tb hdd to be both a data drive and back up. I am going to partition the drive into two 1 tb partitions and use one partition to back up the main 1 tb drive and one for data. If the main 1 tb data drive went out would I be able to restore the back up with the data partition on the same drive? I would like to streamline the process so if something were to happen, I can get my files back exactly the way they were.

I do it both ways. One complete copy of the data directory every week (copy and paste). Windows backup every 2 weeks.

(Delete older data to make room for new data).

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