Question need aio cooler help

Nov 1, 2020
ok so. i buyed my brother a aio cooler(Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX Liquid).link 2 the cooler on amazon

but after a day of he using it it now flashing red and the fans r at full speed but the temps look fine

it said in icue software app that it has a pump failure so

what do i do

and the pump pipes r facing upwards if that matters the rad is on the top an after we unplug a cable then pug it back in with the pc on it does back to normal

any help with be appreciated.
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First, would probably just go through and verify all the connections are in the proper placement and secure. Follow up with a look in BIOS. If the pump is spinning it should show RPM in the BIOS. It might be indicated as a fan. The I cue software may also have that feature.

In a case like this, if there is any question I would likely return it for an exchange. These units are well reviewed, so it's certainly not junk.