Need an entry level LGA 1155 mobo


Nov 30, 2011
I'm working on building a budget system, preferablly under $500. I picked up a great deal on a core i5 2500k cpu and need an entry level board to go with it. I don't know the new difference between distrecte graphics and what not. But I do plan on dropping a good ammount on a single card setup. Preferablly i'd like to use a micro-atx board, and only need 1 PCIe 2.0 16x slot. If it makes a difference my budget is simply split between a cpu, mobo, ram and gpu.

Thanks for the help! This is just a basic board. Check the port picture to be sure it has what you want.
First of all with the Intel® Core™ I5-2500K you are going to want a board that will support overclocking. The H61, H67, B65, Q65, or Q67 chipset do not support the overclocking of the unlocked processors. So while this board is above entry level is really is the type of board you need to look at, it is the Asus P8Z68-M Pro. Right now this board is going for $130. I resently used this board on a build for a cousin and I liked it a good deal. I guess you could go with o1die's board for the short term and then change to the other later.

Christian Wood
Intel Enthusiast Team