Question Need an opinion on ryzen 3000 series.

Really need to build a new system right now and my options are:
  1. Go with current gen 2700x
  2. Get a ryzen 3 1200 as a temporary cpu and upgrade to the 3000 series when it launches
What would you guys say is a better route to go down, considering I'm investing in an ROG B450 board and 3000Mhz ram?

I have already considered the 9700k but the £100 more price tag and my use case suits better to ryzen.



we have no way of being 100% certain what is the better route because Ryzen 3000 series hasn't released yet and there are no real world benchmarks, tests, and analysis to go off of as comparison to whether or not it will be worth it.

So it's up to you really. You can get cheap Ryzen 1000 now and upgrade to 3000 simply because that's what you want to do and you want to have the latest and greatest.

Or you can just get Ryzen 2000 and be happy with it.

Also, if you get Ryzen 1000 now, your best bet would be to get a 400 series board so that you have at least some compatibility with the 3000 series when it comes out, but inevitably when 3000 series comes out, it'll do exactly what 2000 series did, where it will work on previous gen boards with a BIOS update, but you will be missing necessary features built into the board hardware wise to take absolute full advantage of the newer tech.

So at some point you will end up buying a new motherboard for your 3000 series CPU if you decide to go the route of upgrading to it when it drops.

So again I'll say, it's entirely up to you.
But as for getting any advice as to what you should do won't happen until we know the details about the new CPU and we won't know the necessary details until it releases and tests can be done.

Which honestly it surprises me that you don't know how this works by now LOL.
I mean, you've been here for quite a while, you should know by now that until a product releases and tests can be done, it's all speculation until then.


Jan 5, 2019
Well the 2700x is a beast CPU for the price and they are selling for pretty cheap on most sites right now because they are getting ready to launch the 3000 series. We also don't have all the info about the 3000 series yet, and with new hardware usually comes new problems (not always). So if it was me I would get the 2700X just to be safe, but if you want to live on the edge a bit and have the money to spend then go with your second option.
May 12, 2019
Well soon ( i think 27 May at Computex) they will announce the 3rd gen ryzen.It will be bad to buy ryzen 7 2700x now and see a 12 core cpu with better performance with a little more in a month. So its your choice can a ryzen 3 1200 do your job for the next 1 or 2 months? Then you should buy a used ryzen 3 1200 for now and wait for the new generation.


Most of the features for the 3000 series will not be visible unless you are looking at extreme builds. A 2600x is just as good as a 2700x at 4k, there's only a few titles like Ashes of the Singularity that are so brutal on a cpu that only the best has playable results. For any game lesser, most decent cpus still get above refresh, so it all looks the same anyways. Even at 1440p/144Hz, if the 2600x gets 150fps, the 2700x gets 200fps and the 3700x 250fps minimums, it doesn't amount to anything but a benchmark number because you only get 144fps.

Personally, I'd get the 2700x and be happily gaming, watching all those ppl waiting on builds, suffering with barely playable frames on a miserablely low rate cpu.

Not much difference to when ppl were waiting on Broadwell cpus, which just happened to be a flop.