Need an opinion on this prebuilt PC in an online store


Dec 17, 2012
Long story short - building a PC from separate parts where I live is immensely expensive and to go thorugh all the trouble to find suitable computer parts to meet my budget limit is a pointless effort.

I know very little about computer parts and only have vague, general assumption how good some setups can potentially be. I came accross this one on my local electronics web store and to me it looks very good compared to how much it costs.

The desktop in questions is with the following specs(copy pasting from the website):

Intel® Core™ i3 (Sandy Bridge)
Intel® Core™ i3-3220 Processor (3 MB Cache, 3.30 GHz)
5 GT/s
Max Memory Bandwidth 21 GB/s
Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x)
Intel® InTRU™ 3D Technology

Motherboard: H61M MB H61 S1155, B3 Stepping

RAM: Kingston 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz

Video card(or GPU? don't know the correct terminology): GeForce GTX 550 TI
NVIDIA PureVideo® Technology
NVIDIA PhysX™ Technology
NVIDIA CUDA™ Technology
Microsoft DirectX 11
OpenGL 4.1

Casing: Cooler Master Elite 430
PSU - 550W Xilence

This thing costs 600$(converting from my currency) which is basically upper limit for what I can afford since I need to buy a monitor too. For many it may seem shitty most likely if you want Far Cry 3 maxed out and what not. But since I am gamer who does not require much from a machine, I am interested in speculations, experiences, opinions how well it will run.
My gaming ranges from League of Legends to Starcraft 2 and occasional Dead Space 2 or something. I do not require good graphical settings, but I do not go to low extremes also. My Steam library also consists of mostly old triple A titles and indie games and the most resource intensive game that comes my mind is TES 4 Oblivion. How well would this setup run Starcraft 2 on max settings? FPS matters to me greatly because I cringe whenever I see a game drops below 60 FPS as I can see the difference immediately and it makes gaming less enjoyable. Oh and also consider Planetside 2 performance on this if you can, great title, would love to play it on a regular basis.

Another slightly cheaper system has everything this has with changes in RAM description and video card description and I am wondering how does it compare to the first one. My assumption is that the overall system is weaker and not worth the price reduction, from 600$ to 550$.
Video and RAM specs:
GeForce GT640 PCI-E
NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology
NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology

Kingston HyperX 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz

Casing: Compucase (Black / Silver)
PSU - 550W Xilence

Speaking of monitors, I have no idea what to look for in one so I can be fine with the cheapest ones I think like the 2 following. Opinions about these also appreciated.
Monitor 1 -
Monitor 2 -

Help would be greatly appreciated.


Dec 15, 2012
Yeah we all know that, but the OP said that individual parts are expensive in his area. This is at the top of his budget and it might be the case of "something is better than nothing" at this point. He could try to price something out as individual components just to compare to.


Oct 29, 2012

If he fills out the sticky, there may be someone from his area that can help him out with a vendor? We just dont have enough information now. But it's hard to approve something like those builds he posted.
Hell, depending on where he lives, he could get someone in the US to buy it for him, and ship it.

OP, you were asking how it'll perform... your answer is this: Hot and laggy. The computer itself will run fairly hot, so it'll need good cooling, and the combination of those parts will mean you will have to be VERY finicky about your settings in games - if you aren't, then you'll get lag spikes.