Question Need an up-to-date answer on dual-monitor 144hz+60hz setup

Aug 5, 2019

So a little more than a year ago I did a big (for me) PC upgrade with in mind that I would later upgrade my GPU, storage and monitors.

Currently my specs are as follows:
  • Mobo : MSI Z370 A Pro
  • CPU : Intel i5-8400
  • GPU : MSI GTX 970
  • RAM : 2x8gb 3200mhz
  • 2 1080@60hz 27"/24" monitors

Now I'm looking to finally upgrade my GPU and monitors for a next-level gaming experience that I have missed out on the past 5 years. 144hz@1080p will suffice, so I was thinking about an RTX 2070, I know ray-tracing is still mostly a gimmick, I like to have the option to use it in the future. I only need my primary monitor to be 144hz, I don't care about the secondary monitor as I only use it for webbrowsing/comms. But I am reading a ton of stories online about how combining a 144hz monitor with a 60hz monitor causes FPS throttling or stuttering/laggy behavior. Most of these complaints are from 2018/2017, some people don't experience any issues, some people say to use 120hz with 60hz, then in reply to those people some say that 120hz is "fake" or doesn't solve any problems. Then there are even people who tried using dual 144hz setups and STILL had stuttering issues. I am just lost in all of this, and I have no idea what to do with all these controversial opinions/experiences.. Is there anyone here who can give me an up-to-date advice on this?
On paper monitors are independent devices and should not impact each other in any way. That being said there were some reports of micro-stuttering when high refresh rate monitors and normal monitors were used together. I believe the bulk of these issues were fixed by Nvidia and are no longer an issue.

Go ahead and get the 144hz monitor, you should be fine.