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Need an upgrade, (blue screen of death got me)


Dec 30, 2005
Its a long story, but I think I have dead ram, mainboard or something, here's my thread http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/experienced-people-ftopict238444.html

I'm assuming a new mainboard, ram, cpu combo will cure my problem? If you disagree please let me know.

Anyway,I've been out the loop fo quite some time. Which type ofmainboard should I get? When is quad core amds coming out, and are they am2? I don't want to blowall my cash so usually I buy second best, as they seem to have great performance for thebuck.

I was considering a e6600 core 2 and a 650i mainboard? not sure which ram, enlighten me guys! I buy from this store: www.canadacomputers.com, try and keep it to 800 bucks or less!

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