Question Need Assistance from my fellow gamers! XD PC Build


Mar 15, 2014
Thanks for reading! So Idk why, but my computer has gotten worse lately and it randomly freezes up now when I have a game running. I am usually able to solve tech issues but I feel like I've tried near everything to narrow down the issue, and I have an inkling there is failing hardware, this PC was built thanks to you forum people back in 2013 so It's about time I got a tuneup anyhow.

Does anyone have some good recommendations for a pc build in this most modern of times? X) I have around a 700 dollars budget, but I am hoping to keep some components for reuse potentially. I will want a new chasis, motherboard, and processor. I do already have a couple sticks of ram, got an SSD, disk drive, windows 10 and a GTX 770 which I am open to upgrading. Also got a power supply of course, not sure but I may need a new one depending on the other parts. Thanks guys and Merry Christmas!