Oct 24, 2014
Ok. So a took an old Ford Truth About Trucks display and made a custom arcade cabinet top to house 4 player, 8 button arcade controllers for some good old arcade and retro gaming fun. The top is a custom made arcade top out of black melamine and cut/routed by hand. Still a work in progress all ways around.

Running this on Windows 10 Pro. System is way more than enough power: ryzen 3900x, 32 GB ddr4 3600 memory, nvme storage, rtx 2080 super.

Anyway, I have everything wired up and running the controllers off of a USB hub. Using Fosiya Arcade sticks/buttons with Zero Delay encoders. I have mapped the controllers to the Xbox controller layout using x360ce (it has been the best solution this far.) Again, I can see the controllers and map them.

They work fine through steam (Castle Crashers is awesomeness) but through retro arch and Launch box Big Box the controllers don't all work or work at all. Within emulation, P2 controller seems to take over for P1 controller and P1 doesn't work (in retro arch.)

Xbox controllers work fine in emulation.

Arcade sticks not so much.

I can provide any/all details for assistance. I have been messing with this for a while and just not getting things to work. Again, controllers work in Steam just fine.

Can anyone help move this forward. These are things I am struggling with and having issues trying to figure out how to search further to find answers. Some expertise and experience in this would be invaluable.