Question Need big ultrawide that's good for photos

Feb 27, 2020
Hello Tom's!

I'm old school, just now looking to replace my NEC Multisync (Big, fast, hi-rez CRT) Only reason is that I want something wider.

Did my research, and settled on the Acer Predator X34, it's big, fast, & beautiful, but the color resolution sucks. Photos look blotchy, subtle color effects in games are banded rather than having smooth transitions, etc. Some folks on the Weird World Web have reported much the same (while others report not. Go figure) Sent it back, am now looking for recommendations on a replacement.

Besides gaming, I do photography & edit in photoshop. No, not porno. (Okay, maybe sometimes porno, but mostly mundane photography ;-)

So ... I'm looking for a big, fast, ultrawide monitor. 100+ hz, 34" +/-, probably DP port - good for gaming AND photography.
Am I expecting too much? I assume that pro graphics designers are on LCDs today, can't believe they'd put up with this.

Graphics cards: pair of NVidia GTX 980's on SLI, y'd think that'd be enuff.