[SOLVED] need BIOS chip id for TOSHIBA QOSMIO F25-AV205

Sep 9, 2020
Hi! So I have this old Toshiba laptop and I want to make it work again. it used to work quite well until I disconnected by mistake. after that, it turns on, but the screen does not show anything. I have been trying all the options to make it work again (new termal paste, new CMOS battery, try every component separately, using a VGA monitor, pressing for 5 minutes with the device disconnected without battery) and nothing, so my last hope is the BIOS, I was searching which chip could have the BIOS, but I need help finding the chip in this specific motherboard. After that, I can rewrite the BIOS and if I have luck, the laptop will work again. It's quite hard to find information about the QOSMIO F25-AV205, so if you know how to find the chip, I would appreciate it