Need budget monitor suggestions ($170)

The title more or less says it all. I am looking for a decent monitor for about 170. Sadly no credit/bank so I can only grab monitors from amazon. (I can probably ask someone to purchase one for me but I don't want to go through the trouble, though the if its a good deal its an option)

I currently have a monitor but I got it on sale for around 100 bucks. Only cost me 20 bucks + a trade for my old 19" monitor from 2005. (it was LCD and TN panel but it still looks 9000 times better than this one) My main issues with this one is the colors, I have another 19" in the living room and yet side by side it blows this monitor away in terms of colors. Its just so much better you can notice it from using this one then simply walking past the other one.

The viewing angles on the 19" are also extremely better, if I move my head even a 5 degree angle up or down the corners and top get discolored and blacks turn instantly grey/white. (which they already are grey)

Needless to say I don't consider that 20 bucks to be an investment and would not feel bad about buying a new monitor even though I have one of the same size/resolution.

Current monitor is an Acer G215hv (excuse my blatant laziness just gonna copy this from amazon)

1920 x 1080 maximum resolution
0.248 mm pixel pitch 200 cd/m2 brightness 5,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
600:1 native contrast ratio 5 ms response time 90 horizontal viewing angle
65 vertical viewing angle

I realize that MVA/PVA/IPS/S-IPS panels are better for viewing angles and color but I absolutely do not have the money for that at all. (Heck I don't even have the money for the discounted catleap monitors, which I would love to have)

My main uses for the monitor are going to be Gaming, movies, and uh... whatever else people do. Pretty much in that order.

I was taking a look at the Asus VH lineup of monitors. But I really have no idea about monitors I have read some reviews on the more popular ones, and went through TFT central a bit but thats pretty much it. Would like some real life feed back from people who know what they are talking about. (not Newegg reviews of people who are just happy it turns on)

As far as brand loyalty goes I am quite against getting another monitor from acer as you would probably imagine. I know it was cheap but... theirs a limit to how bad you can make a monitor.

Edit: forum formatting is a bit odd today, I didn't put two lines of space in between each sentence, only one.
Asus has very good monitors for a bit less than that - I can't speak for color, though my new monitor (a 120Hz BenQ) blows it away when not in gaming mode, but that's to be expected from a monitor that costs 4x as much.

That being said, I'd look at Asus's 24" monitor - I liked mine fine till I decided to upgrade. (And actually have it somewhere still. I might be willing to ship it to you / trade for other electronics, if you're interested.)

Ah yes I have heard good things about that benq, its quite highly regarded by a few review sites. If I'm not mistaken its the XL2410T you are referring to right?

I'm currently looking at the 24" asus monitors right now and they appear to have a few of them. Do you happen to remember which one you had? They look to be nicely priced also. (I don't really have any electronics worth trading sadly, I appreciate the offer though, thanks.)
Just an update, currently waiting to get paid so I am mulling over my options again and I think I have narrowed it down to these two based on googling and popular opinion:

I am leaning more towards the first one though.

There is also this one:

But ehhh, low end IPS, is that really a good idea guys. Low end anything just doesn't seem like a good idea, what would be the draw backs of it or possible problems (besides ghosting)

Though these two reviews make me interested in it

Hmm, that might be the one I end up going for...
Might be purchasing it today, if anyone has anything to say or any input at all it would be greatly appreciated.

For those who don't feel like reading the entire thread, TL;DR I want a nice monitor for gaming, current one sucks for viewing angles, would the VS239H-P be a good choice?

Thats pretty much the gist of it.