Need build help


Nov 21, 2012
Hay this is my secound build and i was wondering if all these parts line up im building a desktop for my mom very limited budget so here are all the parts
Case/480 psu
Mobo its a micro
Gpu radeon 7750 2gb a little over kill for the build but it was realy cheap
8gb ram again a little over kill but realy cheap
Cpu amd atholon quad 3.0ghz 95 watts
I would do some shopping for a pre built from Lenovo or such.
Your budget of $340 is probably not realistic.

Your original build used a logisys case and psu that is cheap.
Be aware that logisys psu's are considered tier 5( not recommended, replace asap) on this list:

For web browsing and such, you do not need a discrete graphics card like a 7750; that id for gamers(you perhaps?)
You will also need to budget for an os which you did not include.

You also do not need a quad core cpu.
The Intel G530 would be fine. $50
Any socket 1155 motherboard will do. $50
Newegg has a corsair CX430 on sale for $17!! Good psu too.
A cheap case is OK $25
OS $80
I don't think I would buy a refurb hitachi drive. Their reliability is not the best:

Do you need to add keyboard, monitor, mouse too?