Need card for 2048 x 1536 32-bit @ 79Hz


Apr 24, 2003
Would someone please be so kind as to tell me which graphics cards support a resolution of 2048 x 1536 in 32-bit color at 79Hz? I just upgraded my monitor to a Viewsonic P225fb only to discover that my Gainward Ti 4200 128MB card only supports 32-bit 2048x1536 at 60Hz (though it will do 16-bit color at 75Hz). I would greatly appreciate pointers to cards capable of getting the most out of my monitor.

Pretty much any card with <b>400mhz RAMDACs</b> will 'support' that res. at high refresh, whether or not you can run any games at that level is a different story.

If this is just for 2D then Starting with best to not as good;

<b>Matrox Parhelia</b> line which includes; Parhelia , P750, and P 650

next the

<b>ATI Radeon</b> line (although for ABOVE 75hz, you need the R9XXX series). Radeon 9800XT/PRO/non-pro,R9700Pro/non-pro,R9600XT/PRO/non-pro,R9500PRO/non-pro,R9200/R9100/R9000/R8500 [Think of best to worst, but there's alot of mixing up below the R9600XT level [especially if you invole SE versions])

next the

<b>Nvidia Gefroce FX</b> line: FX5950Ultra,5900Ulra/non-ultra,FX5800Ultra/non-ultra,FX5700Ultra,FX5600Ultra/non-ultra,FX5200Ultra/non-ultra.

Now the higher end FXs will give you better gaming performance than the mid and lower end Radeons, but I'm ranking the whole lineups based on their respective image quality IMO.

Others may differ, but that's the usually accepted order of 2D quality; Matrox -> ATI -> nVidia.

The main thing is to get a card with 400mhz RAMDACs for higher resolutions @ higher refresh with good colour depth.

As always, that's just my two frames worth.

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