Need configuration.........


Sep 9, 2011
Plz provide me a good configuration for my new system..
I am an animator and need to work on softwear like autodesk maya , max , adobe photoshop , illustrator etc
plz suggest a configuration to work atleast for next 2-3 years based on my needs.
Asus sabertooth 1366 x58 $205 shipped.
Intel 950 cpu $245 after promo code.
2 kits of gskill ripjaws 1600 3 x 4 gb for $150 (24 gb total). If you find some cheaper on sale at frys or microcenter, I would just get two matched sets. 12 gb has been as low as $45 recently after rebate. You can check asus qvl ram listing on the webpage for tested ram. All prices newegg.
For the monitor, I would go for a 24 or 27 inch if possible. Samsung and dell are pricey. For video, I can't recommend anything specific. I use low end cards that are fanless. I prefer quiet.