Question Need Counseling with Random Reboots and/or Crashed on Newly Built System

May 24, 2020
Hello there,

I created this account in desperation looking for help since I can't point out what makes my computer randomly reboot or freeze during the day.

So I recently pieced together this new computer with the help of a friend. This is my first time building one, and it seemed it went smooth for the most part, here the components:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Cores 3.60 GHZ
AMD Rx 5600 xt AsRock Challenger 6gb
MSI b450 tomahawk max
RAM 16gb 2x8 ddr4 3200mhz corsair
1tb SSD rocket q nvme pcie m.2 2280 by Sabrent
1tb HDD barracuda Seagate
Corsair TX550M 80plus gold
3 RF120 led fans together with the 2 stock fans that came with the case

So the system went smooth without hiccups for weeks now, but recently it started having random reboots or freezes mainly while playing videogames of the like of AC Odyssey and RDR2, although the latter is surely game related since I can at least alt tab to the desktop whereas the former completely frozes my pc. But also on not demanding games like Crusader Kings 2, this specific game crashes not itself but rather Steam, after exiting the game, as a whole forcing me often to reboot Steam or all the system altogether at times. And sometimes it reboots or freezes while browsing Opera too.

Now I checked the temperatures in-game and using Superposition Benchmark and rarely both GPU and CPU reach 65 degrees C and the wattage of the GPU stays around 115-45 watts at max. Checked if its a memory problem, no problems came out of it. Everything is updated except the BIOS, but I am reluctant to update since I heard if you screw up there you screw up the system.

In the Even Viewer I almost exclusively get Error EventLog 6008 followed Critical Kernel Power 41 (63) events.
The last one I got is Error Bugcheck 1001, this was following a DHCPv6 client start and a UserPowerModeService Event. The latter in the description had "reset of the scheme criteria of the process: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\u0354308.inf_amd64_48534036afa0f0d8\B354265\atieclxx.exe (ID processo:2232) da {9897998c-92de-4669-853f-b7cd3ecb2790} a {9897998c-92de-4669-853f-b7cd3ecb2790}

Now I have a minidump file of the last bugcheck error that reboot my system in the windows folder, with .dmp. Should I share that on here?

Thanks all in advance.
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