Need CPU fan that will fit with 4x2 reapers


Mar 10, 2009
I posted this in another section of the forum, but probably should ahve listed it in this thread.. So, uhm.. Copy and paste is your friend.

Ok, so I'm posting my system specs below but the key is this. I have an EVGA 780i ftw motherboard, 2x2 reaper sticks, and stock cpu fan. I plan on OC and need a fan I can do this with, but am worried what will fit once I add 2 more sticks of the reaper memory. I was planning on doing the OCZ Vendetta 2 as it's getting better numbers than a load of other that are even more expensive, but I was told effectively that was a no go. Anyone know what will fit?

2x2 gig OCZ reaper 1066 (soon to be 4x2)
GTX 260
Cors.air HX750
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