Need Custom PC ideas for this


Dec 4, 2008
Check out this pic:

OK, that pic is NOT an exact representation of the spools I have, but it's similar. Basically I have many large spools of varying sizes, composed of very lightweight, yet very tough (they can support an adult man) material (it's either particle board or super tough-cardboard). The spools I have tend to have thinner cores and wider circles, if that makes sense. The largest spool is probably 1.5 meters wide (the circle, that is) and they drop in size from there.

Bottom line: they look cool. I was initially going to turn them into a carpeted play area for cats but then I started thinking about a custom PC build since I'm building a new PC (OK, basically I was thinking about how I could shave money off the build by not buying a case).

I need cool ideas for paint jobs or mock ups for a custom PC build that utilize one of these spools. Some of them are slim enough that I could definitely paint one to look like a tire, but that would be...tacky...redneck, at best. I'm shooting for "unique" but not "WTF is THAT??"

Maybe a "moon" that would hang on the wall above/behind the monitor?

Come on peeps, unleash your creativity!!