Sep 10, 2011
Hello all,
I built a PC last Christmas, and just don't feel like it is all the money I put into it... I would like to know where I have some conflicts, and where I should go for my next upgrade.

CPU: i7 950 @ 3.07

PSU: BFG 1000w

GPU: 2x EVGA GTX 570's

MOBO: cheapish Gygabyte 1366 socket

RAM: 3x 2ch = 6 gb's

As far as HD's go and Cooling, I'm not too concerned with HD's I'm running a SSD for primary and a 1 TB for secondary... My startup is superfast, and don't see any issues there... My cooling is... well... I wanted to overlock my CPU but my CPU running a stress test runs just under 80c... so no room to overclock... I've re-greased the sink but maybe I used some crappy paste? The water cooler maybe, I don't even know what brand it is. It was from IBUYPOWER from my last build.

Lastly, I am running a 24" LED SCEPTRE as my primary, and a LG FLATRON 2350 as my Secondary... I want to buy a third monitor under 200$. Also, I have a X-FI Titanium Soundblaster card.. Is this the best sound card out right now? And I need/want a good surround sound to go with this, right now running 5.1 logitech cheapies i bought 6 years ago. All help is appriciated, and thank you in advance.


Im presuming this is a gaming build?

In terms of performance, you really dont need an upgrade anywhere....
6GB ram is plenty for gaming, i dont think any games use over 4GB.
SLI 570's - will max out every game with very good FPS
PSU - Easily capable of powering all your components with lots of headroom
i7 - Again very powerful, wont find much performance increase elsewhere.

The only thing that might possibly be worth upgrading would be the Motherboard (depending on what speed SLI GPU's run at, x4, x8, x16?) even then its probably not worth it and you wont get much performance increase.

The only upgrade path you really have is something like watercooling. Other than that theres no reason to change out any components, you have a very good overall build.

Something like this for a sound system is nice if you have money to spend:
Logitech Z906