Question Need display 10 bit color and play games - two GPU for one monitor


Jun 16, 2016

I looking for a new monitor for photo editing (accurate color gamut) and new GPU for games. I think I already decided for 32" panel with UHD resolution with 10 bit color. For gpu im thinking about 5700 xt or maybe 2070. Or maybe something else, I didn't decided yet. I would maybe preferred more AMD. When I was reasearching more and more I find out that these normal mainstream GPU does not support 10bit color. So I kinda stuck with my decision because, I would like to be able to display 10bit color and play games. I read something that with AMD is possible allowed 10bit in the radeon gpu software, but it wont work with photoshop if i understand well (and lightroom still does not support 10bit). For 10 bit color in photoshop I need workstation GPU. and here is my question is possible have a two different GPU. If i will buy a cheap AMD workstation gpu for photoediting and normal gpu for games, will I be able to somehow switch it when I will want use that one or the other ? Now when I am writing this its sounds kinda as a stupid question but ... ?

Or is there any another solution that I can use the monitor for 100%? dont like much if I'll get 10 bit panel, I actually wont be able to enjoy it. Or will it be still better then 8bit panel just with a mainstream card ? Cuz lots of monitors can display 10 bit and I dont think everybody has workstation cards. so is it just a marketing or it will be still improvement against 8 bit panel.

thanks a lot for help