Need ethernet ports 1 floor under fixed modem/router


Sep 3, 2013
How do I go about setting this up?

I would like to move my computers to the basement, while the modem/router is fixed on the floor above.

The modem/router I got from my ISP has plenty of ports but I don't wanna run 2-3 ethernet cables to the basement. I would like to run 1 cable and perhaps set up a wallmount or something like that. Ideally I would like something like this if possible:

Otherwise I've been told that I will either need an ethernet switch, or I add wireless adapters to my computers.

Now as for the ethernet switch, will it slow down my internet connection? As far as I know, it only uses 1 of the modem/router ports and splits it off to multiple others, wouldn't that slow it down?

And for wireless, do you guys have any recommendations for reliable adapters?

Thanks in advance!


A switch is the right choice. A GBit switch will never slow down your internet connection. If you have a very fast internet connection, it might go up to 100MBit/s and that is still only 1/10 of a gigabit ethernet connection. For the wallmount contact your local electrician, because you need special tools to install it.

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