Need feedback on my first gaming pc build


May 12, 2009
Hello, I'm planning on trying to build my first pc. I plan on using this for gaming purposes.
I've read around and spent hours on how to build a new computer, and I'm pretty sure I can do it, so here is a list of parts, and links.
Feel free to criticize and leave feedback on the parts I chose.

These are all from and my budget is around 700-800 max including a moniter

thermaltake mid tower case $60
pentium e5200 $70
gigabyte ep43 $80
WD 500g 3.0sata $65
apevia 500w $20
asus radeon hd 4850 512mb ddr3 2.0 $95
lg optical drive $25
artic cooling freezer 7 $32
artic silver 5 $9
hannsg 19" ws $110
vista home premium 64bit $100
ocz 2X2gb ddr 1066 $41
microsoft d58 mouse $19

So, all together it costs around 780 including monitor, mouse, keyboard, wrist strap, and shipping which is right around my maximum budget of $800.
I got the aftermarket cpu fan and compound because I plan to overclock it for games (if I can figure out how to =P).

So, there it is. Feedback or anything greatly appreciated before I check out my shopping cart????


May 6, 2009
You may not want to spend the money on Vista 64-Bit, just use Windows 7 RC now, and then upgrade when it comes out, that way you don't have to buy it twice.
I think you have a decent build there and when you start overclocking it will have very decent performance .

The two changes i would make would be download the RC of windows 7 as already suggested . Vista is already history.

And your power supply might be cheap but its also not that good . Cheap psu is a bad call since it wont feed clean power to the rest of the computer

Spend some of the money you save by not buying vista and get
antec earth watts 500 W
SeaSonic SS-500ET 500W

A psu is the foundation of a pc . Dont skimp on this item

Cpt Deadboots

Dec 12, 2007
^ Good suggestions for the PSU.

I'd change the video card to a model by XFX; they offer a double lifetime warranty, even if you overclock the card.

I'd also change the memory to something by G. Skill - they've got better quality control than OCZ from what I've read.

Looks good.