Question Need friendly people to help guide me to my future PC :)

Feb 19, 2019
Hello, and thank you if you clicked this link! my friend recently pointed me towards this site as I'm currently looking for a pre-made build and was told this community is just full of nice and very PC knowledgeable people. My problem is researching for a decent gaming PC is hard as most reviews are biased reviews a lot of times from bots or paid advertisers and there are so many sites!(newegg, cyberpower, ironside, etc.). so my hope is that you guys could give me links and help me decide on a decent build between 900-1250 dollars. i'm looking for a gaming PC and cant build one as im only lightly computer friendly more so with software than hardware (aka it needs to be prefab as i cant put one together sadly) and thank you so much for your help from this less tech savvy neanderthal

edit: also its probably time for a new monitor as well if you'd like to give links for that as well :)
Ive only owned a handful of pre builts, and the only gaming one was by cyberpower....and it performed great up until the water cooler leaked and killed it. but thats a 9 yr old pc. If your pc building aptitude is around the general public level, I'd likely look at hp or maingear as hp has many online support articles and maingear seems to have great customer service. In regards to cyberpower or ibuypower, they definitely will give you the best bang for buck, but will likely leave you out to dry if u need least according to linus. Personally, I'd go with Cyberpower as I have an old 1st gen i7 gaming pc, that I sold off 2 years ago, and it was still goin(despite the water cooler leaking. So i'm biased against water coolers)

On the cpu front, aim for either i5 8600k/9600k, i7 8700k/9700k, or Amd Ryzen 2600/2600x/2700/2700x


I'll add other systems if I see better options.


I just read the top negative review on newegg linked above and that person listed every reason why you do not want a pre-built budget PC.
I agree with that person's recommendation of using pcpartspicker and paying a friend/relative/acquantence to assemble it for you.