Need Front Port Assembly for Antec P180 Case


Mar 27, 2008
I need to replace the front port assembly on my P180 Case due to accidentally tripping over a usb cable and causing damage to the USB ports. I contacted Antec but they no longer support the P180 case and do not have any front port assembly (SKU-0-761345-30223-4) spare parts in stock. They told me they will not be getting any new stock. P180 or P182 use the same front port assembly. They told me to check on E-bay and Craiglist, but so far no look there either. I am hoping that some one has an old p180 or p182 case laying around and willing to sell me the front port assembly or may even have the front port assembly that they may sell me. I will try to attach a picture. or you can go to antec's web site at the following link to see the part and description.


Thanks for your help


Mar 3, 2011
You can get a 5.25" bay version for a drive bay from Fry's Elect. or local computer store. I had the same problem with 300 case. Just leave to old one in to fill the hole and use new ones in drive bay.