Question Need guidance on Raid10 recovery

Jan 8, 2022
Win10 suddenly doesn't recognize a two month old RAID10 array that was working well.

Build Specs: Win10 pro (21H2) tower. C drive on a fully functioning SSD so I can still access the computer and OS easily. Data is on a 6 disk RAID10 array (6T ea. All brand new WD HDDs). The Raid was initially created about two months ago from factory fresh hard drives and has been working very well in this short period as I transfer data to it. . Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz processor. The Raid10 configuration: 3 mirrored pairs - striped. (See creation process below).

I fired up the computer Thursday morning to finish transferring data to the RAID array from all my little hard drives, sorting/organizing/de-duplicating the new RAID10 drive, and getting ready for my first good full back-up. During initial boot-up MS pushed trying to get me to accept MS Edge browser as default settings/etc. When I declined, it finally completed the patch and auto-rebooted. That's when it choked mid-restart, seizing up and freezing on the restart screen during power down for well over half an hour. I had finally force a reboot manually. After that the computer seemed to work fine. I worked most of the day, but in the late afternoon the computer appeared to get flakey again with unexpected delays. I was about to do my first full back-up on the organized data but decided to reboot first and clear whatever might be causing the computer to hesitate. When it came back up, I noticed my new Raid10 array was no longer recognized by the computer (See Disk manager and Storage Manger screen caps below). I'm just finishing up consolidating many old disks to the new RAID, filtering duplicates/etc as I organize this new storage space, so I didn't get to create a good backup of this RAID yet. If the RAID10 isn't recovered there is some data (incl family photos) and MANY hours of re-organizing/decluttering time that I will lose.

Questions: (Q1.) Can someone here confirm that I have either a hardware failure or an OS failure based on the screen caps below?
(Q2.) Do I actually have a bad hard drive in Pool 3/Disk 1
(Q3.) Why would the whole RAID10 array go offline rather than continue in degraded mode? Shouldn't it have continued running on the mirror drive?
(Q4.)How I most safely can get out of this pickle and recover my RAID without data loss?

A reputable data recovery company quoted me as much as $15K which is outside of my household budget. I chose RAID10 to be as bulletproof as possible in conjunction with routine backups, but that decision seems to have bit me in the butt right out of the gate.

My creation method along with screen caps:

Disk Management Screen 1of2).JPG Management Screen 1of2).JPG?dl=0

Disk Management Screen 2of2).JPG Management Screen 2of2).JPG?dl=0

Disk Management Screen.JPG Management Screen.JPG?dl=0

Manage Storage Spa…s (1of3) 220107.JPG Storage Spaces (1of3) 220107.JPG?dl=0

Manage Storage Spa…s (2of3) 220107.JPG Storage Spaces (2of3) 220107.JPG?dl=0

Manage Storage Spa…s (3of3) 220107.JPG Storage Spaces (3of3) 220107.JPG?dl=0

Raid 10 Creation Procedure.JPG 10 Creation Procedure.JPG?dl=0
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