Need guidance on setting up a file server


Sep 12, 2011
Hi. I'm looking for advice on setting up a file server for my home. It will be used to serve up all data we use: itunes folders, other music, pictures, data files like Word and Excel from other networked machines, movies to serve up to an xbox, etc.

I bought a 4U server case on craigslist, and just finished getting it up and running. The motherboard supports only IDE, so I have a 60 GB boot disk and a DVD hanging off IDE0. I'd like to expand this so it can store at least 1 TB initially.

I was thinking of filling IDE1 with 2 large drives, but even used IDE hard drives are still expensive, probably due to demand. I have a couple USB ports on the back of the motherboard, so I imagine I can hang some externals drives off there.

Any advice/guidance on this? Thanks.