Question Need guide to Built my pc

Apr 30, 2019
i need a proper guide to build my pc on my own , i am niave so video would be cherry on top
i love to learn everything about pc building ,
till now i used to just order stuff prebuilt , but now i want to do it on my own , thats why need your guidance
so wont make any mistake that will cost alot
i just ordered H500P Mesh , and using other part in my ready to use build in gigabyte Aroud AC300 V2 case

my spec
H500P Mesh cooler master (casse fan 200 mm 2x 140 mm 1x) ( want to fit all part in this new case)

H115i CPu aio
Msi Z370 A-Pro
8700k i7 Processor
128 gb ssd kingstone
1Tb Hdd
Zotuc RTX 2080 AMP(tri fan)
16 Gb ram ( 8gb x2 3000 hz)
old Case fans 120mm x 3
700W psu coolermaster Lite

please guide me about everything
ldo i need to take out CPU aio in order to fi my motherboard from old case to new Case ?
how do i set Fan / Placement / Fan curve , 200 mm fan placement on top or front ?
Can use h115i and replace its radiator with any avaliable one of 400 mm and get 2x 200 mm fan on it ? or its not possible ?
radiator Position. etc , everything even basics would be helpful


It would be safest to dismount the CPU cooler when doing a case transfer, unless you had someone to help you hold things. Too easy to put to much stress on the tubes otherwise, or cause damage to something. Not impossible though to lift it all out as a unit. Very common to do with air coolers.

No direct advice on fan curve setup, it is a noise/performance ratio that you will have to be the one to live with. If the system is operating well, you can lower the fan speeds for less noise until you find a balance.

Typically you want the 200mm fan as front intake.

H115i is an all in one sealed cooler. It is not intended to be taken apart.

If you want to pursue custom water cooling, you would need to buy all new components. Radiator, Pump/Reservoir, CPU block, fittings, tubing. 200mm radiators are not common, so I'm not sure where you would buy those. 200mm fans are also not typically static pressure, so it would be an odd pairing.

In this case, the typical setup would be to have the 200mm fan as intake, with the CPU cooler radiator as top exhaust.

As for video guides, just search, there are plenty. Or look up specific components that you are wanting to install, most vendors will have installation videos for their parts.