Need help.... 1000$ budget for 2 systems


Oct 29, 2012
Hi guys,
This is my second build after I build the gaming i5 for my brother some days ago which was only possible due to your expert advice.
However coming to the point, This time I have a budget of 1000$ to built 2 systems - a low end laptop (for minor basic tasks) and a decent new desktop build (only for gaming).However in the desktop you should deconsider the monitor as I have a 18.5" LED.

Now, for the build I have alloted 600$ and 400$ for the other one. I want all of you to suggest parts for this build along with a low end laptop so as to make the total within a thousand $.However if possible , you can add some dollars on the desktop but please do not cut from the build's budget into the laptop.

Basically , I DO NOT WANT THE build to get compromised.I know this is tough but please help me.

Now for the purpose I am not an overclocker niether have plan to do so.The games I would like play would be strictly restricted to action/shooter based.Some of them would be...

Assasin's Creed series
Far Cry series
Battlefield 3
Metro 2033
Crysis series
Max Payne 3
Prototype series
COD series
Medal OF honour Warfighter ....And stuffs like that

Talking of the quality high settings if not possible...medium settings@1360*768@18.5" would be satisfactory.....

And talking of the laptop , any low end laptop e.g hp 10.1 " atom is acceptable too.Just should be new with full warranty .

Please help.Thanks a lot in advance.

And yeah, according to my research , I found the HD 7850 2 GB to be best under my budget @ offer price of 189$ at What do you guys think ?