Need help about possible dead dying video card


Sep 15, 2013
Ok so problem started one day. I turned the computer on after it was just fine last night. Now I turn it on and start surfing the web everything is fine., I started to run smite get into a game and my PC freezes completely. No response, so I turn it off/on and get these horizontal red lines across the monitor. It loads but more lines, boxes are showing up and then blue screen. I couldn't read what it said something about display drivers. But by. Now the monitor has constant horizontal lines flickering.My friend thinking it was a virus made me install malware bytes and it worked. The lines were gone. I even forgot to mention that I had to change my dvi port from the first one to the bottom. Anyways I think everything is fine but I run smite again and PC freezes again turn it back on and the small horizontal lines appeared again. I can't find a PC shop to test individual parts they just want me to drop it off and let them fix it. Any ideas to what you guys think it is? The lines are like static looking and when I boot I get two vertical static lines kind of like an old VCR tracking static. I have a Radeon 6870, with a ASus m5a99x and amd fx8350 and an 750w psuI have ordered a new fan for my CPU has I have read it overheats but that's on its way
On my phone so sorry about formatting! i have reformatted my conputer and it still all fuzzy. Ill add a picture tomorrow. No way to do it from my phone.

Edit: here is a picture of what my screen looks like after formatting.
I thought it was temperature too so I put a box fan right up next to my open case, didn't do anything. I've been thinking about taking off the Gpu heat sink and reapplying thermal paste. I don't know the. Card is 3-4 years old. Hope the picture helps.


Jun 27, 2014

It could be a dying :( GPU OR...

i) Your connecting cable could be loose. :??:
ii) Your GPU's fan or cooling system maybe malfunctioning causing a High Temp rise...resulting in lines or black screen that is bcoz ur would GPU shut itself due to very high temps. :) (i had this issue my GPU fan would stop and then artifacts or lines would show up and the system would not respond after showing me a black screen.. When gaming Ofcourse!!! )

Hope this helps :D

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