Need help about SMART values


Jul 5, 2010
I checked on my drive with HD Tune, and this error caught my attention


3 days ago, the value "data" is just 72, but it increased to 74 1 hour ago.
Is this value safe ? I know the drive is trying to replace bad sectors with reserved ones, but if this continues those reserved sector will run out; so at what value should I return this drive for warranty ?

All Seatools check ok.

I intend to buy a new disk to backup this one, but I dont know which one should I buy, WD, Seagate or Hitachi, external or internal. (I have 4 internal drives in my case already)
Since this is only a storage drive, speed is not an important matter, but reliability is needed.

Thanks for reading.


Oct 18, 2008
Basically your HDD has the computer equivalent of cancer.
Bad sectors have been re-allocated so that data is no longer stored on them.
While this in itself is not a major problem if the drive is getting old (4-5yr+) then you may well end up with more reallocated sectors and worst case lost data.

Your question of when to return the drive for warranty I would answer by saying get in contact with the manufacturer now. They should have a percentage total for the drive and once that is hit they will consider it faulty and replace it.
Note however that what may seem like a lot of sectors to you may be considered within tolerance by the manufacturer though.

For future drives the Samsung or seagate 2tb models are rather good.
Plasmastorm is right on the money. You're actually quite lucky because it looks like the drive has been able to recover your data despite the problems and move it to alternate sectors. But it you could still run into sectors that can't be recovered and if you do that data will be lost to you. If that happens then you'll see the Current Pending Sector Count number go up.

Wikipedia has a decent description of the meaning of all of the SMART parameters here: