Question Need help accessing an HDD

Apr 29, 2019
A couple of days ago my computer seemed to have... 'bugged' out, my Windows froze and when I tried to boot it up again, it would be stuck on everything, from launch Windows, to trying to format, to repairing, but that part has been fixed, with a consequence.

It was my HDD, for some reason, the HDD won't let the SSD boot up, so I took it out, and still had to format my SSD, this I'm not sure why as it ran perfectly well on my brothers machine.
I tried accessing it again, now with a brand new Windows installation, but no success, it freezes on booting up.

I wanted to access it to retrieve some files, I tried doing a 'hot plug' from a previous forum post I found, but it didn't seem to work, as the Explorer froze on loading it, but there Device Manager did recognize it.
Tried CrystalDisk but that flopped to launch once the HDD was in, and every time I do it, the second SSD disappears from everything, Windows Explorer and BIOS.

Is there any other ways to access it?

Motherboard is x470 Gaming Plus