Need help adjusting OC settings please


Dec 2, 2008

I have a PC that has been overclocked.. The machine is ..

Intel Core 2 DUO E6600 2.40GHz @ X6800+ 2.93GHz Dual Core SILENT DDR2 System

The PC has 2GB of RAM and I'd like to add an extra 2GB... I'm told I need to remove the overclock settings and install the RAM then re-adjust the overclock settings after. I was hoping I could get some help with this? The following link will take you to 2 pictures of my BIOS settings (all the relevant settings are there I hope)

The original RAM timings (factory) are 4 4 4 12

If you could tell me what I need to change it back to before installing the RAM then what it should be after I'd really appreciate it.



Nov 30, 2008
I dont understand your references to X6800 etc, but ignoring that, it should be extremely easy (but make sure the new ram is correctly matched to the old ram - i'm sure youve already done this). Change the settings all to Auto (change the CPU Operating Speed option to Auto or Standard and then change the DRAM timings to Auto). Alternately, you should be able to find an option to set the BIOS to factory defaults and that will do it all for you. After you have added the new ram, check it is showing 4GB in the BIOS. If not you may need to find something called memory remapping & enable it. FInally you can go back in and re-enter all the values exactly as you have them in your two pictures. Finally of course, you will only get all 4GB in the OS if it is a 64bit OS. If it isnt you'll see something more like 3Gb. If its XP then you'll have to enable the good 'ol 3Gb switch