Need help, advanced problem


Mar 23, 2002
Here is the situation:
I have two hard drives.
C: is my old hard drive. It has win2k pro on it
F: is my new hard drive. It has win2k server on it
Its time to get rid of the old drive and just use the new
drive as i only use server now.

Problems: C: drive has the boot files. F: drive is a
slave but has win2k server on it.
I want to be able to boot up to my new HD with out having
the C: drive at all.

IN the end what i want is only 1HD the New HD with win 2k
server to be running.

Im hoping its as easy as copying the boot files (which im
still unclear about all of them and how many i NEED)
Editing my boot.ini so that it only sees one partition
and one OS insted of 2 of them. Then copying the master boot log and editing it. However i dont know how to do that.

The Old hd has been dying for a while...and before i loose
both drives to it i would like to fix this small problem.

Keep in mind that i will not accept "reinstalling" as an answer" I could do that on my own.

Recomendations? Ideas?
Thanks in advanced


May 17, 2001
Keep in mind that i will not accept "reinstalling" as an answer"[/quoute]

hmm, I was under the impression that all help offered here was appreciated!!
in that case
click help, type recovery console, and READ

If they squeeze olives to get olive oil, how do they get baby oil?


Mar 23, 2002
Just trying to cover the most obvious answer. The answer i had for my self and the answer everyone esle recomends.

Fixboot f: eh :D
Thanx for your help.