Need Help/Advise overclocking my 8700k


Mar 25, 2016
I have a few questions in regards to overclocking my 8700k.


Obviously intel 8700k
Asus Maximus Hero wifi AC
16Gh Gskill Trident Z 3000mhz
Cryorig H5 Ultimate Cooler
Corsair CX850m power supply.
and sadly running a GTX 970 due to current pricing lmao sorry refuse to pay 1200 for a 1080ti

Question 1: I want to run the chip at 4.7GHZ constantly i dont want to overclock it past that as of right now. I want to be able to run it at that speed with the lowest voltage possible. So recommendations would be greatly appreciate it.

Question 2: Would a custom fan curve prevent my cpu fan from constantly ramping up and down as soon as a small load is applied to the cpu, right now its kind of annoying.

Im a complete noob with this so i apologize in advance for any confusion. Just trying to take it slow at first.
I would go into the bios and change my frequency multiplier from 37 to 47. This will give your 4.7ghz. Then you will probably need to adjust your v-core. Pending on the particular chip, it will need less or more power for stability. I would start the v-core at 1.3 volts. Do not leave it on auto. It will give you a variable voltage and will go higher than it needs.

See if it boots at 1.3 If it does run a stress test and watch temps for stability. If your temps are good and the system is stable, then go back and try 1.29. Keep lowering the voltage till it crashes.

If it does not boot at 1.3 or crashes during a stress test. Up the voltage to 1.31 and repeat. Keep repeating till your system is stable in the stress test. For me, temps, I like my average temps under load to be under 80C for a daily driver.

As far as a fan curve, of course it will help with noise as the fan wont run at 100% all the time. You will just need to set it up in your bios.


Jun 11, 2008
feelinfroggy is correct but 4.7 is already the turbo clock so all you have to do it turn on the setting that says something like "match clock for all cores when it turbos".

Keep voltage at 1.3 and slowly turn it up as needed. You'll have to watch your temps also.

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