Question Need Help! ASUS PRIME Z390 MB & Computer Case Front-End Connectors


Jul 25, 2008
Hi, I am building my second computer, so still the newbie. My questions may seem absurdly simple, but I had a really bad experience when I connected a cable into the wrong place on my MB and fried all my components the first time I launched my system. So now I like to side with caution.

I have Corsair Crystal 570X computer case, which came with three (3) front panel cable connectors labeled as follows: PowerLED+, PowerLED-, and PowerSW. I understand that these cables need to be plugged into my ASUS PRIME Z390Z motherboard. I believe these three cables all plug into the ASUS removable System Panel Connector that is positioned at the bottom of my MB.

In my MB manual, on the page with information concerning the ASUS System Panel Connector is a diagram that shows the connector and what each pin is supposed to do. I am confused because both sides of the connector have PLED+ and PLED- on them, and I do not which pin set is the right one. How do I figure out which pins to plug my connectors too?

I also have one-panel connector that reads, POWERSW, I assume that this connector is positioned where the PWRSW pin is on the system connector, though this POWERSW leads to a heading that shows, PWRBTN#, which seems like a logical place for this one particular connector to be plugged into.

Regarding the PLED+ and PLED-, I was wondering if they might be plugged into the PLED pins right next to the PWRSW pin, so all three connectors would be right next to each other? But on the opposite side of system connector, the PLED+ and PLED- are adjacent to the RESET pin labeled RSTCON#?

I really appreciate any solid feedback on dealing with my dilemma. Thanks