Question NEED HELP - Audio in game seems to skip, almost like an FPS drop but just AUDIO... Occasionally it will drop my FPS too.

Mar 31, 2020
So like i said in the title, Sometimes when gaming my Audio tends to skip/stutter and the only way to fix it is to Restart the game, at first i noticed it happening when i was playing Escape From Tarkov... At first i was thinking it was just something to do with that game, you know how poorly optimized that game is. However, after recently getting bored of EFT Ive branched out to a few other games, and Ive noticed after a while maybe 2-3 hours or so of game-play, it will begin skipping, sometimes it doesn't last very long sometimes it just keeps stuttering and i am forced to restart.

PC Specs -

I7-4790 @ 3.60 GHz
GTX 1070 OC 8GB
16GB Ram 1600mhz (i think?)
MSI H81M-P33

EDIT Headset is Logitech G433 however i didnt mention as ive coincidentaly replaced my old headset, rather than me replacing it to fix the issue, i just fancied a little upgrade. Yet it is still happening even with this headset... (i kinda figured it wasnt related to my headset anyways but just abit of extra info )

Im not sure if its Hardware based, however if it were to be Software based, id have no idea where to start... Ive looked at all my audio drivers etc i even reinstalled them and i use Realtek's Audio drivers. But could it be something simple? Again im not too sure on what is causing it, but im hoping someone has had either a similar experience or atleast could know of a possible solution!?

Thanks :D
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