Question (Need help before i throw my rig out the window)Good benckmark scores but terrible gameplay?

Nov 4, 2018
I have a pretty decent PC, but it's not performing as expected what-so-ever. When im playing games, im getting frames way lower than i should be and stuttering. Honestly, I'm not sure what to do or how to fix any of this. I have searched through forums for hours trying any and all solutions to help with this but no luck. I ran a benchmark, and the link is below for you to look and parts and the score. It says my RAM performed bad but thats because my mobo version cant overclock it so its running at base clock not oc. Every time that i try to OC the ram, it doesn't post. I'm not sure why. I had originally reinstalled windows and they actually did overclock for a while and then i had moved my PC to another location and when i turned it on, it wouldn't post again until it defaulted back to 2133. I'm not sure why. As for the GPU, i am reinstalling afterburner now, it was installed but i had reinstalled windows again to try and see if i could get the RAM to oc again but no luck. GPU AND CPU temps are fine in-game. No issues there. I usually watch them to make sure. My motherboard is up-to-date along with the graphics drivers. Even set memory try it to 2933 16-18-18-18-36 at 1.36v with no luck. I even just tried xmp at 3200 at 1.4v. Can't really go any higher. Didn't work. Ran another benckmark, pretty much the same scores. A little lower because i wasn't oc the cpu. Im not really sure what to do other than either reinstalling windows(for the third time) or get a new mobo and cpu as that is really the only thing i can think of that is causing the issues. If ANYONE can help me at all, i would be so appreciative. Originally, i was thinking that maybe my GPU is being bottlenecked by my cpu but honestly, i dont know. Before i drop a lot of money back into this PC, I just need some really good advice on what i should do, look for that could be affecting my pc, and what could be wrong with it.

Link for benchmark:


userbenchmarks is not the end all be all of benching suites, its more for the gist, a ROUGH idea. actual bench-marking tools will yield far more information.

the reason the RAM bench is poor is because its running at only 2/3 speeds. all the other modules tested were at stock or faster, hence the bad results. the results are from others with that same memory.

what motherboard? the MSI gaming pro carbon should OC that RAM like nothing.

what version of the BIOS are you running, 7A32v1K is the latest that addresses memory compatibility.