Need help building casual gaming rig (~1000€)


Jan 23, 2013
I am looking for some help to build a new rig used mostly for mostly action-adventure and similar games. I want to be able to play new titles as they come out for a decent amount of years without problem. Occasional lowering settings through the years is fine. I will be buying the parts in the following months (not all together) and would like to be around 1000 € in total give or take. I will be buying a monitor as well but that's outside of that budget. I've done some research but dunno if those parts are good of compatible. I'm kinda favoured for intel and nvidia so if you suggest amd or ati please give me some explanation why they are better.

Case : zalman z9 neo
Psu : seasonic focus plus 650 gold
Mobo : Asrock B360 pro4
Cpu : Intel I5 8600
GPU : Gtx 1060 or 1070
SSD : Samsung evo 860


Jul 25, 2016
Looks good! Only thing I recommend is getting 16GB of DDR4 RAM. At the moment, you've selected a mini atx motherboard, is there a reason for that?
One of the key things to know will be your monitor resolution ( and for the one you're gonna purchase). Recommending a GPU otherwise is tough.

The GTX1060 is good for 1080p 60hz/fps. The GXT1070 is good for 1080p 60+hz, and decent at 1440p 60hz gaming. If you plan on a bigger monitor with high hertz, then a GTX1080/TI/RTX2070/2080 might be better options.

Agree with the RTT on the ram. There are many games right now that use upwards of 9gbs system ram at 1080p. BF1, COD WW2 just to name two. So 16gb is the sweetspot right now for gaming. 8gbs used to be.

PSU is qaulity, CPU is good for a few years.

With those things said, I'd advise a Ryzen based system for more longevity. A 2600/B450/16gb/GTX1070 (or whatever based on your monitor) Cheaper, more cores/threads. 95% of the gaming chops of the I5 8600 but much better at everything else. If you plan on streaming down the line, the Ryzen system will serve you much better.



Aug 23, 2017
I would do something like this parts list. The biggest reason to go with AMD instead of nVidia/Intel is that you will get more for your money. The cheapest 1060 6GB is 267 Euro vs 200 Euro for the 4GB 580 or 237 Euro for the 8GB. On the CPU side the performance of the two are almost equal but you don't need to add a cooler to your build for AMD, whereas you need to add about 25-30 Euro for Intel for the cooler. What ends up happening is that you don't get nearly the same overall build in the other components area. For example, you might only be able to get a 256GB SSD instead of the 512GB. Those little things add up to the overall experience, or end up costing your more in the long run.


Jan 20, 2017
Agree with the others generally, you definitely want 16GB of RAM with that system. Personally, I would suggest a 1070 would be a better pairing for the 8600 than the 1060 and if you do go with a 1070 I would also go for an ATX mobo or there's a lot of cards out there with beefy coolers that won't fit.
I agree that a 1070 would be a better choice than a 1060 if you want the system to be good for 1080P for a number of years. These cards have been out for over 2 years after all, and within another couple years or so I could see the 1060 struggling to maintain 60fps at high graphics settings in some newer games. For a gaming system, spending a bit more on the graphics card than the CPU will likely result in better gaming performance. I also suspect that a 2060 with at least 1070-level performance will likely be launched within a couple months or so, though not much is known about what it might be like, or how much it will cost. And if you want higher than 1080p resolution, a 1070 would arguably be the bare minimum you should go with, and you might even want to consider a higher-end card than that.

As for the CPU, an i5-8600 is certainly a good processor, but ultimately, an overclocked Ryzen 2600 on an inexpensive tower cooler gets reasonably close in terms of gaming performance. Running high settings with this level of graphics card, the GPU will tend to limit performance more often than the CPU in most recent games anyway. And it does offer more threads, though if you're not live-streaming, it's difficult to say when those might start to provide any real benefit for gaming. In any case, I would rather go with a Ryzen 2600 with a GTX 1070, than an i5-8600 with a GTX 1060. At the 1060's performance level, the slightly higher per-core performance of the 8600 isn't going to make much of a difference anyway.
It's 75hz, so i'd say go for the 1070. The 1060 will cut it for 75hz/fps in most games, I've got a 1060 and a Ryzen 1600x and I hit 75 in every game i play, including the ones I mentioned above. For the next year or so, and as cryoburner mentioned, the 1060 will do, but you'll be dialling back settings here and there, and maybe regret not getting a more powerful GPU.



Motherboard doesn't care what cooler your graphics card uses. That would be the case.


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