Need help building new comp.


Feb 12, 2008
i need to upgrade my system, i still run a p4p800 motherboard with an agp card....

Well, my budget is around $1000, and i need to build a comp primarily for games.

Ive always been biased over intel, so i will be building my comp around intel rather than amd.

I doubt ill be using dual graphics card, so i wouldnt be needing a SLI motherboard..

considering all of this, what will my best options be for cpu/motherboard/graphics/ram?

here is what i was thinking:

cpu: i7core..but is that overkilling it? i doubt ill be overtasking much..or sohuld i just stick with core 2 quad?

motherboard: whats a good motherboard, cost wise, (dont need to be SLI)

ram: depends on wat motherboard i get right?

graphics: radeon 4870HD (is there a better one on the market for games?)

heatsink: gonna use the one that comes with the cpu, or the generic one, not gonna be overclocking

case: will all of this fit in a small/mid toewr? i d0ont like tall cases, was thinking of the antec 300, or will be to small to hold the radeon 4870hd

As you guys can see, i mainly need help with the cpu/motherboard/ram combo. Thanks...also, whats a good thermal paste to buy?



Apr 25, 2009
If you can afford an i7, why not?

i7 does out perform all other CPUs out there, even the slowest version (920), though if you choose i7 you're stuck with X58 mother board, which supports XFire and SLi by default. You'll also have to use DDR3 RAM for this setup.

I guess the question is then, where are you located at, since hardware price does fluctuate a bit across the globe. If you're in the US, check around the forum, there's a lot of people building i7 system and posting their specs in the last few days.
The i7 doesnt affect gaming to a great extent...More than a CPU, the GPU is more important for better gaming...
Well I guess going with the core2Quad is better for youas you can save money there and buy a powerful graphics card...
If you go with i7 then you would have to skimp on other components...

CPU + Mobo combo



CASE - Yes the Antec 300 is a good option...

PSU - More than suffice and as you will not be overclocking or SLI/ crossfire and you can use it in future builds too...

Graphics card - As I had said get a powerful graphics card that fits your budget...
Any of these would be best suited...

DVD Drive...

Total - $971

You can save money buy going with this PSU

And this Harddisk...

And if you dont want such a powerful graphics card, then get a GTX 260 Core 216 or 4870 1GB which ever is cheaper...

Well the PCP&S that I have listed is also one of the Top Tier manufacturers along with the Corsair and Seasonic..
You can check it in the reviews...
As for the other suggestion about the OCZ, it is also a very good PSU and as the OP wont be overclocking or upgrading to SLI/Crossfire, the OCZ is more than suffice...
I know you said heavily biased to Intels but consider this: same frames in games compared to your original idea at $6xx