Question Need Help buying Macbook

Apr 2, 2019
So I myself am a pretty big computer advocate. I have even built a gaming computer, but need some help with laptops, and more importantly a mac book. So I started work at a company where I edit on adobe after effects and premier, now I just want something that I can do this is, the laptop I have now (acer windows) can barley do it but super slow and sometimes the program crash, im even okay with it being slow but I need to be able to use all features even if its slow, my work suggested this!14228!US!-1#viTabs_0 they are going to buy it but wanted to make sure it could handle it all, any suggestions or reviews on the Macbook Pro 13

I suppose I could get another dell for equal value but I am really not sure what is going to be best at that price, thanks ya'll.
It would be in the companies best interest to buy you a new high end model. Time is money. The money saved on a 7 year old laptop will be more than lost in additional hours of work required on projects over the year.

But it's their money. Either should technically work. I'd at least look at a retina model with 16GB RAM. Preferably a 15" with a quad core CPU and 2014. Such as this 2014 15" 16GB 512GB SSD. Why the 15"? Most have dedicated graphics. Which will accelerate some video editing tasks.

Since you aren't using Final Cut. Just Adobe software. Plus the budget is tight. You could look at a used gaming laptop. They'll give you a lot more bang for your buck. This Dell Inspiron 15 7559 is superior to the Macbook Pro I linked and $500. It has a higher resolution 4K screen, faster CPU and faster GPU. All it needs is a large M.2 NVMe SSD (about $130) and it will make a nice video editing machine. A HDD only works but an SSD makes a big difference in some parts of the video editing workflow. Well worth spending $130.