Question Need help buying USED gaming rig

Sep 3, 2020
Looking to buy a used gaming PC while Im in Europe. Will be using it mostly for stock trading, browsing web etc.... I do plan on playing games on it in the future like CS:GO / GTA 5 so I want it to be a good buy for years to come.


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-A320M-H
Processor: Ryzen 3 3100
RAM: DDR4 2666 16gb
Video Card: GTX 1050 TI GAMING X 4G
Cooler: Vinga cl3011
Power Supply: Zalman ZM400-LE
SSD Silicon Power S56 240GB
Case: 1st Player F4-B1 Black

Price: $412


Processor: Intel core i3 6100
RAM: ddr4 8 гб 2133 гц Kingston hyper x
Hard Drive: -Western Digital 1 TB
Video Card: ASUS RX 470 4 GB

Price: $385


Processor: Intel E5 2640 6 ядер 8 потоків
Video Card: Gigabyte Gtx 1060 3gb Windforce
Ramь: 16Gb ddr3 1866mhz
Power Supply: FSP 460w
Case: Deepcool Mattexx 30
Seagate 500Gb
Atermiter X90

Price: $339


MB: Asus Strix B350
RAM: HyperX Fury 2х4gb
GPU: ASUS Strix R9 380
SSD: Kingston A400 120gb
PSU: Gamemax GM-600g 600w

Price: $367


Motherboard: Asrock a320m-dvs - 24/month warranty
Processor: AMD ryzen 5 2600 box - 36/month warranty
Video Card: GTX 660Ti 2gb -
G.Skill 2 по 8 ддр4 Aegis 2800мгц - 36/month warrant
Ssd PNY 240gb - 36/mo warranty
Power Supply Chieftec GPB-500s8 bulk - 24/month warranty
Fan: Cooling Baby 120mm - 12/mo warranty
Case: Frontier Scou. - 24/mo warranty

Price: $525


Video Card: :ASUS RX580 4GB
Processor: Intel core 4590 4-Ядра 4-Потока
SSD 300 GB Hard Drive 500 GB
Power Supply: Zelman 500 W
Motherboard: Asus H97M-PLUS
RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ

Price: $525
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Apr 5, 2020
You know, my system is kinda' similar to the thing in the 3rd link there. This Xeon has less cpu frequency, at the same time more cores and many threads. It'd have slightly less fps than mine in some games, while most likely some more in other ones. Mb back in time I had to get a Xeon, but nah. Nothing to really complain much about, I may get some nice cheap Xeon later.
If you can tell the seller to keep his 1060 3 GB and put a GTX 1070 instead of it, it'd feel good, I think. I see also more than 4 videos in youtube of this combo, like this:

If the seller doesn't want to, you can keep the 1060 3 GB for now, and take a 1070 later on. The 1060 3 GB can be sold for 50-70 Euro itself relatively easily, as long as you provide good benchmarks of performance in games&software with temperatures, FPS and score.
The power supplies in all these offers all seem to be mediocre, but with the dollars you'd save with the lower price around here you may save to get like a Corsair CX 550 Gray later on.
At least my FSP power supply survived for more than 11 years (I guess the new owner is still fine after an year as he didn't complain, despite some rude things he did with it), despite being a different one (250 W, Bronze, unconventional unit).
Nothing perfect around here, I think, though my knowledge is limited. At least the price is lower. And with a similar performanse-wise thing I get fine FPS in the games I play, it'd be fine with the ones you mention, regardless of their updates. 1080p medium, at least, as some games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Earthfall, Serious Sam 4, etc. want a stronger thing for the high and the max settings.
Sep 3, 2020
Yea agreed all those power supplies arent the best. Idc rly as long as its gonna run smoothly. I can proly get them for lower than the ask price. Just dont know which one would be the best to lowball


Apr 5, 2020
Technically I've already answered you. If I was you, I'd take the third system, and with the rest of the money I'd get a quality (mid-range at least) power supply, and a GTX 1070 with it. The 1070 8 GB 'd most likely work with this FSP PSU, as long as it has a 8-pin connector for videocards, at least for now. And also, you may manage to get a 240 to 512 GB SSD, like from Kingston A400, similar or better speed & quality. SSD is better than HDD, though it doesn't directly affect FPS, but loading the game with its saves, loads, downloads, etc is faster. Taking a 1070 8 GB would also come in handy if you want to play high/max setting 1080-1440p, 60-75 fps in newer games, at least for a part of them. Selling your GPU and PSU after you take another 'd give you some money for SSD or else.

Here is the kinda famous PSU Tier list, in case you plan to get a new PSU:
You can see in Tier B there are units from Corsair, Seasonic and EVGA there, and usually one can be found for an OK price. If you can get from Tier A, it'd be pretty good. Tier C is more suspicious and there one who takes from there has to have better knowledge. Tier D and the else is useless and even sometimes risky. FSP as a brand has at least like a generic level - not to be exceptionally afraid of, though neither very good either.

But for this 3rd system, like I am trying to say, I have a system, similar in performance, and I'm pretty much kinda fine. Not all games are for high/max settings, ofc, I know that games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become human and the latest Assassin's Creed titles 'd make some more trouble, but I don't want to play them anyway, so I don't bother. Medium settings 1080p in Earthfall: Invasion, max in Left 4 Dead 2 and max in Serious Sam 3 is fine with 60+ fps most of the time. I know DOOM: Eternal is a bit problematic, but I'd probably play it later on anyway, as it has no co-op game mod, as while I do play singleplayer, I prefer to be able to co-op with s.o., though I don't PvP, but I know Esports games are pretty fine with this GPU. Serious Sam 4 would run fine at 60+ fps most-time in something close to medium settings. For now, I 'm planning to get Deep Rock Galactic and Generation Zero on the next Steam sales, and I know that I'd be able to play them on 60+ fps at medium/high 1080p. Your GTA 5 and CS: GO 'd be fine with a 1060 3 GB, this cpu and ram.
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