Need Help Checking to See if i pc works!!


May 26, 2011
I built a computer last night, and when i started building it i realized there was no hdmi port on the graphics card which is what i have.
There is a hdmi port on the motherboard, but it doesnt work. Is it supposed to?

Also, i am hearing no audio (the post beep), which i think is because i am trying to just listen for the beep through headphones without watching any screen. (not sure if i should plug the headphones into the front of the case, which i connected to the F_audio, or just plug them into the back directly into the mb)
Please Help, im just trying to find out if it is working before i go out and buy a monitor.

Also... if i have a 6gb/s hard drive, do i plug that into the white sata plug on the mobo?


Jun 22, 2009
your links aren't working, so not sure what your complete setup is. If you installed a graphics card, that will disable your built in graphics and to make it work again just try it without the graphics card. As an alternative to buying a new card or monitor, look for a DVI to HDMI adapter, the video signal is compatible between the two which is why adapters like those exist.

Lastly, I don't think any system beeps ever go through the onboard audio. Just about every motherboard I've worked on in the last 10 years has had a small built in speaker mounted directly on the board to make the system beeps.