need help chooseing 4k display

Nov 17, 2022
im looking for a 4k display but i dont care for high refresh rates but from what iv read online and been told by friends that there arnt any good 4k 60hz monitors and have been suggested the GIGABYTE M28U i mainly plan on playing flight sim and cyberpunk so 144hz is kinda pointless and would result in uneven frame pacing at 60fps or i could play at 72fps i guess tho i have found an older 4k 60fps moniter the ASUS TUF GAMING VG289Q that seems alright but i havent found any comparisons between the two and it doesnt have hdr theres also the matter of warranty as i plane to go to the usa next month for a wedding and would like to get the monitor there as its way cheaper would either of the twos warranty work outside of the us or would i have to take it back to the us if anything goes wrong? cant seem to find that information on theyre sites

edit: ended up getting the neo g7
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