Question Need help choosing a case for this build

Dec 15, 2022
Hello, first time builder here and I was just wondering what would be the best case for this build? Was thinking the O11 Dynamic or even the XL, but not sure if the PNY 4070 Ti will fit horizontally. Any recommendations would be helpful and appreciated




Card Dimensions​

13.06" x 5.39" x 2.62"; 3.3 Slot
VGA Cardlength ≤420mm , height ≤159mm
The GPU will drop in without issue.


That Lian-Li case is a very good case. It's quality of materials and build is top notch, and can fit just about any design, whether that's air or full custom loop on the biggest gpus and cpus. My only question is do you really need such a huge case. You are looking at a 59L case and 4L of stuff in it. The gpu is only going to take up half the length of that case, barely longer than the motherboard.

But if that's what you want, go for it. There are other, smaller options like the 011D Mini which have the same look but much smaller at 38L. Understand, any of the tempered glass side panel cases are really designed to be on top of the desk, not on the floor, so the real-estate footprint, how much desk space, is always a consideration with any full or larger atx case.
Full size
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