Need help choosing a motherboard


Jan 15, 2007
I am looking for some info on a motherboard recommendation as well as memory. First off I was considering a 680i sli chipset board but with all the problems people seem to be having I am sceptical.

Current parts that will be going into this build

1. C2D e6600
2. Thermaltake toughpower 850w PSU
3. EVGA 8800gts
4. Plextor Sata burner
5. WD 250gig SATA HDD no RAID configuration in the near future
6. Tuniq tower 120 CPU cooler
7. Thermaltake armor full tower case
8. creative x-fi extreme music soundcard( not necessary if the onboard sound is of good quality)
9.2x1gb ddr2 800 memory (not decided on which yet)
9. motherboard

This will be mostly a gaming rig and would like dual graphics support but stability and decent to good overclocking are my top priorities.

Thanks for any help.


Nov 26, 2006
My 680i runs perfect. I think its a small number of people that are experiencing problems. Seeing as how this board is setting records I would call it a good choice. If your worried then go with a different board.
I have a similar system to the one you listed.
I have never had a problem with the sata drives. Running 2x250gig in raid0. Even before the new bios it ran perfect.

I will say the only problem I'm having is the ntune/hibernate issue. Which has nothing to do with the board.