need help choosing a new case

Kaitlin Kaschak459

Aug 4, 2013
ok so im doing a pc gaming build using some spare parts my uncle gave me when he upgraded. i have everything but the case.

so what i need to know is will the case in the link below support my mobo GPU and CPU AIO cooler, below are links to each part that needs to be able to fit in the case

link to pc case:

link to motherboard:

link to AIO

for those who ask im upgrading from a socket 775 so doing my first major upgrade since 2007

so let me know if this case will fit the parts i listed thanks
I have the Enthoo pro and can guarantee you it will fit everything fine. It has a spacious interior, a pleasure to work with and you get a beautiful result since good cable management is very easy to attain due to the routing points, rubber grommets and cable tie mounting points.