Need help choosing motherboard, thanks


Mar 7, 2007
I am building a relatively inexpensive computer for basic use (internet research, word processoring, some photo and video editing, and gaming). I am trying to build my new system withing a budget, so I like the idea of these combo deal motherboards/cpu through newegg. But, since this is my first build I would like to hear some opinions on these choices.

Also, I know the AMD x2 cpu is not as good as the core 2 duo, but I think I would rather save a few hundred dollars and buy a nicer graphics card.

Anyways, I would appreciate any comments and opinions on these motherboard choices. Thanks.

1. Biostar tforce 550 am2 nvidia nforce 550

2. Asus m2npv-vm am2 nvidia geforce 6150 micro

3. JetWay jm26gtm-3sp am2 nvidia ng6100-405 micro

Also, this is my first build, but would any of these boards be able to mildly overclock the cpu.



Dec 8, 2005
New has a combo deal with the biostar with the amd 3600x2 1.9ghz 65nm. combo they wanted $149. 8O for the combo which is a super good deal. the motherboard is retail. the cpu is Oem. so you would have to get a HSF for it.

i cant find the link. we'll the item number for both of them. but i am o na budget and i am going to get it. its a very good deal its like paying $100 for the mobo and $50 for the cpu. here is the link for both of them

needed to edit this here is the link for all 6 combo's with the amd 3600x2