Need help choosing motherboard


Jul 30, 2007
Hey guys im about to order some **** from newegg and need some help on deciding my motherboard. this was my first decision but since they have come out with a couple of new ones i dunno this is a new one they added to newegg like yesterday.

i wanna know whats really the difference other than the cheaper one only supports ddr2 800? other than that whats the difference?

and do i need my motherboard to support 1066? im buying gskill 2x 1gig ddr 800.

i would really like to save the $35 difference. do i need ddr 1066 supported or is that something that i wont need in the next 3 years?

just want the board to be easily upgradable and to last couple years



Jul 3, 2007
they are both really nice boards
ddr2 1066 is no big deal, it will not make a difference unless you use ddr2 1066 memory, and even if you do, it will not be very noticeable. (and its expensive)
so, if i were you i would get the cheaper board, and buy ddr2 800 memory. But, if you do go with the more expensive board, no you dont NEED ddr2 1066, it will work fine with drr2 800