Need Help Choosing parts for first buid.


Apr 22, 2009
Hello Everyone;
I'm new to this site but could really use some advice. I'm looking to build (actually someone will build for me) my first custom pc. After talking to several people and doing some research i have come up with some specs for a possible system. First off let me tell you what my requirements are. I am not a major high tech gamer. I use my pc for office applications, email, web surfing, photo editing and some movie watching (some low end gaming). I guess what i am looking to build is a "budget" system but that sounds kind of cheap to me. I do not require the best, the most expensive or the flashiest components on the market. What i require are quality components. If i save $5 on a power supply from a low end manufactuer only to have it go out in a year that's no bargain. If i have to pay a little extra from a quality manufactuer it would be worth it to me. I'm not out to impress anyone just build a good system. Upgadabilty is also another major factor for me. Whatever system i choose to build i would the ability to upgrdae for awhile. So here is the list of parts. The MOBO with integrated graphics was suggested to me. If you know of a better one or a dedicated one to switch to just tell me. I intend on running Windows XP for awhile (home version probaly).

Cooler Master Centurion 5 ATX Mid-tower case (This seems to get alot of good reviews from all the research i have seen. Want one that is kind of stylish but will make building easier now and the future.)
Corsair VX550W Power Supply
Western Digital 500gb Hard Drive (Seagate Barracuda any better?)
Intel Core 2 Duo E5200
Gigabytye GA-G31M
Mushkin 4gb RAM (2X2gb)
Not sure about CPU fan as i will probaly overclock. Can anyone recommend a good one?
LG CD/DVD drive (This was recommened too but seems a bit cheap. Any ideas?)
Am i leaving anything out? Any and all suggestions or advice are welcome. Thank You
WD is safer than Seagate these days.

Make sure you get the WD 500Gb Caviar Black (WD5001AALS), not the WD 500GB Caviar (WD5000AAKS) because there's a huge speed difference.

Consider an Antec 300/Xigmatek HDT-S1283 combination. The Xigmatek HDT-S1283 won't fit well in the Centurion 5, according to some user reviews. It will fit in the Antec 300, and it's a very good cooler.

I'd prefer this OCZ Fatal1ty 550W to the StealthXstream 500W.
It has 37A (vs 27A for the StealthXstream) and it's $50 after rebate too.

The 550VX is better than both (41A, and better reviews), but it's $70. Also, you don't really need 41A unless your upgrade plans include buying a serious gaming video card like GTX 260 or HD 4890 or whatever.